The Dangers of Seeking Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad

Do The Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

Cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming a popular solution in treating missing, broken or decolourised teeth. In fact, over 57% of UK adults are unhappy with their teeth. However potential patients are put off by seemingly high prices of cosmetic dental work, but are cheaper treatments abroad worth it?

“The GDC, a dental UK-based regulation, ensures treatments are carried out correctly, they have no influence or jurisdiction outside of the UK.”

Cosmetic dentistry for treatments such as porcelain veneers or dental implants requires extensive training to ensure the treatment is carried out correctly. The General Dental Council regulates UK practices and protects patients from treatments if mismanaged.

UK dentists that carry out cosmetic treatments usually have several consultations and aftercare plans after the surgery have finished. If you opt for a dentist abroad, more trips have to be taken out to visit the dentist, meaning more time off work and your travel expenses begin to rise.

Are Foreign Cosmetic Dentists that risky?

Not all treatments fail if you go through a foreign dentist. However, 17% of treatments carried out abroad cause further complications, the UK has a success rate of around 98%.

Nearly one in five people that seek cosmetic treatment abroad have to spend further money in rectifying whatever issue has arisen.

Problems that are caused by treatment abroad can be tricky to fix. UK dentists will very rarely involve themselves with implant or veneer treatment if it wasn’t initially carried out by them.

We strongly recommend finding a UK-based dentist that offers a flexible finance package to ensure your teeth are taken care of, and most importantly, are protected from negligence.